Stay connected with mobile workers and assets with TrueTrack tracking solutions.

From asset tracking to mobile workforce management, TrueTrack has a tracking solution for virtually any business need. Our solutions are utilized by professionals in logistics and transportation, security, waste management, utilities, construction and more. Add TrueTrack to a Southern Linc voice plan for just $19.99 per month per unit.

Fleet Management

TrueTrack fleet tracking can help you improve driver safety and reduce labor, fuel, liability and depreciation costs. By reducing idle time, you can complete more jobs, faster.

Fleet Management Features:

  • Alerts based on over 30 trigger types
  • Real-time vehicle KPI monitoring
  • Driving habits and driver behavior analysis
  • Route visibility and geofencing tools
  • Mobile app and back-office system integration

Fuel Tracking

Smart fuel monitoring systems help track fuel consumption, detect fuel theft and optimize fuel efficiency. Minimizing fuel expenditures can substantially improve your bottom line.

Fuel Tracking Features:

  • Intelligent fuel consumption management
  • Visibility into fuel level in tanks
  • Map markers for fuel thefts and fuel fillings
  • Dashboard to track relevant KPIs in real time
  • Integration with ERP and Back-office applications options

Asset Tracking

TrueTrack tools provide dynamic data on the location and condition of critical assets to help reduce risk and prevent loss. Monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and more.

Asset Tracking Features:

  • Detailed landmark history of asset movements
  • Various RFID (radio-frequency identification) solutions
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Trigger-based alarms and notifications
  • Powerful report-building tools and dashboard

Mobile Workforce Tracking

Greater workforce visibility can help you control problematic employees, unauthorized vehicle use and more. Service helps ensure a safer workplace and discipline among drivers.

Mobile Workforce Tracking Features:

  • Sending locations to drivers from the system
  • Route monitoring and management
  • TrueTag app tracks mobile workers
  • Flexible forms for driver-activity reporting
  • Text communications between office and field

Personal Tracking

Choose TrueTrack for a proven personal tracking system with a flexible, easy-to-use interface and mobile app. Ideal for tracking lone workers, the elderly, children or pets.

Asset Tracking Features:

  • Movement history and visited locations control
  • Use smartphone to track with TrueTag app
  • Easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Locator tool to generate links and share location
  • Alert sending by SMS or email

Real-Time Tracking Updates

Tracks and mini-maps provide extended, real-time information on units and routes through geofencing and notifications. TrueTrack provides up to 2-second updates.

Real-Time Tracking Features:

  • Tracks display unit movement on map
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple units real-time
  • Monitoring of location and speed on street maps
  • Notifications when asset departs and arrives
  • Monitoring of road violations, connection loss, etc.

Detailed Reports

TrueTrack service provides accurate data and comprehensive reports to help you manage and optimize performance. Reporting can be customized to your needs.

Asset Tracking Features:

  • Reports are accessible 24/7 to authorized users
  • Dashboard offers visibility into field operations
  • Reporting module offers handy tables and charts
  • Reports can be exported and sent via email

TrueTrack Mobile Application

The proprietary mobile app offers real-time GPS tracking functionality in a user-friendly mobile interface. Receive real-time data and detailed history on vehicles and assets.

Real-Time Tracking Features:

  • Map mode to access units, geofences and more
  • Precise locations and critical parameters of asset
  • Extended data accessible in the Timeline tool
  • Event-based notifications within the app

TrueTag GPS Tracker

TrueTag can turn your iOS/Android phone into an easy-to-use GPS tracker without expensive hardware acquisition. It’s an essential workforce management tool.

Asset Tracking Features:

  • Employee tracking even outside vehicles
  • Quick sending of photos and real-time locations
  • Smart data collection mode to save battery life
  • Tracing of the latest data and current status
  • Remote configuration from TrueTrack interface

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